what would happen if we leave the scene?

maybe sometimes life is overwhelming. we are surprised and scared by the powerful strength and it’s harshness hurts us in different ways. like a huge wave rolling over us and trying to push us away, pushing down out of balance.
we want to resist the pressure and fight against the upcoming feelings. but we are afraid to struggle and the fear of drowning appears right now.

but what would happen, if we don’t fight, when we let it flow?
what would happen if we leave the scene, change the point of view, change the focus of our mind?

maybe, the wave is overwhelming and maybe – at the beginning – it doesn’t seem possible. but then we sense a gentle softness, a kind of warm covering. seeing thousand of water drops playing lovely around us. feeling the smoothness of the water when it is crashing against us and and is spreading out in countless harmless leaks. white spray bubbles around tickling our mind while sun’s rays calming down our heard bumping.

it is the symphony of life that tells us who we are. tells us a lot about our own strength, our inherent goodness and value. and the waves are giving us the possibility to be a rock, a rock in the surf, a rock within ourselves.
and now. the next wave will come, of course. and it will hurt us again. but we have changed, we are prepared, we are safe and in balance.

the rock is the rock – timeless overwhelming.